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Running Dry

We are sucking the world’s ancient freshwater stores faster than they can be replenished

Across the globe, human civilizations depends on mining the vast reservoirs of freshwater that have accrued deep underground through millennia. Stretching underneath national borders, these “fossil” aquifers sustain us and our industries, and influence the health of many ecosystems. The aquifers account for 99 percent of our world’s unfrozen freshwater supply. We are now depleting them faster than they can be replenished. In the process, we are reshaping not just the surface…
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by: Jessica C. Kraft – Spring 2013

This Thanksgiving, Consider Cooking with Acorn Flour

Acorn kernels provide a complete vegetable protein and they are full of minerals and vitamins that are absent in refined wheat

Thanksgiving is one time of the year when most Americans eat seasonal native foods. Or at least the squash, pumpkin, corn, turkey and cranberries were all native and seasonal in Massachusetts where the Pilgrims celebrated their first successful harvest in the New…
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by: Jessica C. Kraft – November 21, 2012


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