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Through a Glass, Brightly

Exploring the Wilderness Above

photo Unsplash/Jonatan PieI was hoping the beauty and vastness of the night sky would inspire my son to ponder more deeply our humanity and place in the universe. One afternoon in October, a large cardboard box appeared on our doorstep in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was roughly the size of a vacuum cleaner, four feet high by two feet wide. Inside was a telescope – a cannon-like optical instrument known…
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by: Jeremy Miller – Winter 2018

An Unraveling Web

Along the California coast, first responders and researchers work tirelessly to rescue marine mammals from a life-threatening toxin.

photo Jeremy MillerThe work of marine mammal rescue groups is yielding critical knowledge about the ocean's complex set of ailments. On a gloomy July morning on California’s Central Coast, the holding pens at the Marine Mammal Center’s Morro Bay facility were filled to capacity. “It’s been a busy month,” said Operations Director Diana Kramer, “And looks like it’s only going to get busier.” Kramer, a small, energetic woman with light brown hair…
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by: Jeremy Miller – Autumn 2017

More Than Words

The race to save a Northern Paiute dialect that’s down to a handful of speakers reveals what we stand to lose when a language dies.

In a small trailer on the eastern fringes of the snowcapped Sierra Nevada, UC Santa Cruz linguist Maziar Toosarvandani hunches over a laptop, tapping notes, while two women, Edith McCann and Madeline Stevens, both in their nineties, speak words in a vanishing tongue into a small microphone. photo Jeremy MillerEdith McCann and Madeline Stevens are among the last speakers of the endangered Northern Paiute language. “How would I use the word ‘noggute’…
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by: Jeremy Miller – Winter 2016

Drowned Heart

A Trip to Drought-Wracked Lake Powell Reveals the Lost Wonder of the “Cathedral in the Desert”

Jeremy Miller Like Venetian gondoliers, we stood at the boat’s helm and paddled through murky water. Under the boat, gray fingers of long-submerged trees reached to the surface, dead hands stretching skyward. Red sandstone walls rose 500 feet above us in swooping contortions. Across the canyon, sunlight reflected from the lake and made a strange, undulating pattern on a high alcove wall. We moved farther in. The walls grew higher and the…
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by: Jeremy Miller – Winter 2015

Rough Waters Ahead

A Rafting Trip Through Utah’s Desolation Canyon, One of the West’s Great Unprotected Wildernesses, Under the Shadow of Oil and Gas Development

On a chilly morning in April, our group of six pushes out from Sand Wash into the slow, silt-laden current of Utah’s Green River. Our guides, environmentalist John Weisheit, and his wife, Suzette, have traveled this way dozens, perhaps hundreds of times. They lost count a long time ago. The other members of the crew include Moab conservationist and river guide Laurel Hagen, biologist Joseph Leyda, photographer Jonathan Byers, and me. Our…
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by: Jeremy Miller – Winter 2014

The Dying Glaciers of California

The Snowcap Is Melting, Threatening the Alpine Ecology and the State’s Water Supply

In August 1872, a 34-year-old John Muir climbed the snow and ice of Mount Lyell and Mount Maclure into the highest reaches of what is today Yosemite National Park. The journey to the high country was no pleasure trip, but an expedition intended to resolve a bitter scientific dispute. The climb, chronicled in “The Living Glaciers of California,” published in the November 1875 issue of Harper’s Magazine, would hold great geological significance…
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by: Jeremy Miller – Summer 2013

Smoke City

The juxtaposition of the Richmond hills and Chevron’s smokestack is a visceral reminder of the scale of our addiction to dirty energy

Last month, when a Chevron oil refinery caught fire in Richmond, California, thousands of residents evacuated beneath a pall of black smoke. Others stayed, sequestered in homes and hospitals, as Contra Costa County hazardous materials units visited neighborhoods, taking air samples. ***…
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by: Jeremy Miller – September 10, 2012


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