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A Refuge in the Mountains

Great Smoky Mountain National Park creates space for wildness, adventure, and imagination

When I think of the Smoky Mountains, I think of refuge. I grew up in the foothills, on a tributary of the French Broad River in Tennessee, in an old farming community. My great-grandmother grew up on the other side of the…
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by: Holly Haworth – August 10, 2016

And Incredibly Bright

We have blotted out the night sky

In 1994, when an earthquake knocked out power in Los Angeles, many residents called 911 to express concern about a “giant, silvery cloud” in the sky. In fact, what they were looking at – perhaps for the first time – was the Milky Way. On other nights, the vast city’s millions of electric lights faded out the glowing band of stars that has connected people to the cosmos for millennia. photo illustration…
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by: Holly Haworth – Spring 2013

Coal Ash Dumps Across the Nation Are Looking to Expand

Even as Industry Fades, Waste Remains a Problem

In the unincorporated community of Claxton, Tennessee sits a two-story log cabin built in the 1790s. The cabin, the county's oldest building, was built by a Revolutionary War veteran named David Hall. He had fought against England, where the Industrial Revolution was…
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by: Holly Haworth – June 6, 2012

Coal Ash Contamination: Coming to a Groundwater Source Near You

TVA Trial Reveals that Utility Knew about Risky Slurry Pond

It was the largest coal ash disaster in US history. In December 2008, a massive Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) retention pond broke open and spilled more than 5.4 million cubic yards of coal slurry across some 400 acres in Roane County, Tennessee.…
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by: Holly Haworth – September 27, 2011


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