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Sharing Our Spaces

Muralist Roger Peet

 Mountain caribou mural in Sandpoint, ID (with Mazatl and Joy Mallari). Click or tap any of these images to view them as a slideshow. As we wander through our concrete cityscapes, it is easy to forget that once-upon-a-time, not so long ago, nature prevailed over the land. It can be even easier to forget that nature still ekes out an existence in urban settings – sometimes just barely hanging on. A movement…
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by: Erin Banks Rusby – Autumn 2017

Embracing Roadside Ecology

Highways pose dangers to wildlife, but roadside spaces can also provide valuable habitat

When we think of roads and highways, images of cars and trucks whizzing by comes to mind. But what does the side of the road look like? Try picturing your local highway — is it littered with trash? Are there any plants?…
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by: Erin Banks Rusby – August 16, 2017

Scientists Yet to Pinpoint Specific Cause of Shark Die-Off in SF Bay

Strandings can be stopped if efforts are made to improve Bay water quality and marine habitat, says conservationist

You have probably heard of whale strandings, where whales beach themselves for unknown, but possibly human-caused reasons. But in the San Francisco Bay Area right now, shark strandings are the talk of the town. Hundreds of leopard sharks (Triakis semifasciata) have been…
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by: Erin Banks Rusby – June 8, 2017

Is Your Tap Water Safe to Drink?

One in four Americans is drinking water that doesn’t meet Safe Drinking Water Act standards, new report finds

Many Americans drink water straight from the tap. But maybe it’s time to rethink doing that. Our drinking water supply may not be as safe was we think. A new report by the Natural Resources Defense Council found nearly 77 million Americans…
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by: Erin Banks Rusby – May 8, 2017

‘When You Unite to Defend Your Home, Winning is Just a Matter of Time and Persistence’

2017 Goldman Environmental Prize winners offer hope and inspiration for grassroots activism

Prafulla Samantara has been fighting the forces of industrialization and their impact on the environment and rural communities in India tirelessly for more than four decades. Most recently, the 65-year-old grassroots activist has been actively involved in elevating the voice of the…
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by: Erin Banks Rusby – April 25, 2017

March Madness in the Beltway

This past month, the Trump administration made speedy work of environmental deregulation

The United States is only 72 days into Donald Trump's presidency, and is already witnessing drastic changes to environmental policy and regulation. With so much information out there, it is too easy for important changes to get lost in the shuffle. Here…
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by: Erin Banks Rusby – March 31, 2017

US Needs to Massively Scale Up Forest Protection to Tackle Climate Change

Logging reduces potential forest sink by over a third, hampering critical action to curb global warming, says new report

Of the many sources of carbon emissions the United States must reduce in order to thwart climate change, the most surprising may be its forests. According to a new report out today, logging in US forests reduces the potential forest carbon sink…
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by: Erin Banks Rusby – March 21, 2017


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