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From the War in Iraq to the War against Poaching

Damien Mander’s fight to protect African wildlife

Eight years ago, Damien Mander was trekking through the bush in Zimbabwe when he saw something harrowing — a half-dead buffalo floundering on the ground, trying to free herself from a wire snare gripping her legs. The ranger accompanying Mander said the…
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by: Elizabeth Claire Alberts – November 15, 2017

Bush Beat

An unarmed anti-poaching unit is shaking up South Africa’s war on wildlife crime.

photo Mark LivniThe Black Mamba's nontraditional approach stems from the fundamental belief that social problems lie at the heart of the poaching crisis in South Africa. “See that? Over there?” Carol Khosa asks. The sun catches the glint of a plastic water bottle tucked beneath the dried bark of a leadwood tree. To an untrained eye, it’s easy to overlook – an irresponsible tourist might have tossed the bottle while riding through…
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by: Elizabeth Claire Alberts – Winter 2017

British Columbia Government Using ‘Judas’ Wolf in Unethical Hunt, Say Wildlife Advocates

Collared wolf may be kept alive to help government track and kill pack members time and time again

The mass killing of gray wolves in British Columbia (BC) has ignited a bitter feud between Canadian government officials and conservationists. The government has insisted that the cull, which began in early 2015, is the only way to save the critically endangered…
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by: Elizabeth Claire Alberts – March 9, 2016

The Truth Behind That “Crappy” Cup of Coffee

Civet cats caged and force-fed in large numbers to feed the world’s growing demand for kopi luwak

I saw my first civet cat on the last day of my holiday in Bali, Indonesia. It was tethered to a wooden tabletop outside of an upscale coffee shop, squinting at the afternoon sun as it struggled to sleep. Tourists swarmed around…
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by: Elizabeth Claire Alberts – October 7, 2015

Recycled Plastic Clothing: Solution or Threat?

Research shows that synthetic clothing sheds plastic microfibers, which end up back in oceans

Celebrity music mogul Pharrell Williams recently unveiled his latest project: He’s the face for G-Star Raw for the Oceans, a clothing line made out of recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles. Since the collection’s launch in September 2014, Raw for the Oceans has…
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by: Elizabeth Claire Alberts – December 15, 2014

70 Years On, Seabirds Continue to Warn about Plastic Pollution in the Oceans

Plight of the flesh-footed shearwater in Australia illustrates how widespread the problem is

It’s a late May night on Lord Howe Island, and the moon gleams across the volcanic mountains and white sand beaches of this six-mile long isle off the east coast of Australia. While most people are tucked inside their houses or hotels,…
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by: Elizabeth Claire Alberts – June 6, 2014

Jellyfish Swarms are Bad News for Ocean Ecosystems

Book Review: Stung! On Jellyfish Blooms and the Future of the Ocean

In 2006, actors Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey flew to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia to film the Hollywood hit, Fool’s Gold. The movie was about scuba diving for sunken treasure, pleasure cruising, and rekindling romance. But when McConaughey’s stunt double…
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by: Elizabeth Claire Alberts – February 7, 2014

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