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The Way Forward Post Zinke’s Repeal of Obama Ban on Lead Ammunition

We need to engage hunters and anglers in an open dialogue about the true cost of lead contamination

With frontier flair, Ryan Zinke showed up for his first day of work as interior secretary on horseback on March 2. The former Montana congressman hadn’t been out of the saddle long before he took aim at Obama’s ban on lead ammunition…
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by: Eliza Murphy – March 15, 2017

Warning: Industry Spin Likely Bad For Your Health and the Environment

Big food and ag companies are spending hundreds of millions to manipulate the public conversation about food

Beware the amicable folks on trendy blogs or slick web sites who promise to restore common sense or set the record straight about GMOs or organic food. They get paid to dupe the public. Record growth of organic, non-genetically modified food sales…
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by: Eliza Murphy – July 31, 2015

The Comeback Cat

Jaguars have critical habitat set aside for them in the Southwest. But is it enough for the predator to recover?

Jaguars are returning to a portion of their historic range in the southwestern United States, having surmounted numerous obstacles along the increasingly militarized US-Mexico border. Yet whether this mysterious carnivore will be able to make a full comeback is in doubt as…
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by: Eliza Murphy – July 23, 2014


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