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Of Ingredients, Greed and Expediency: Big Chem and the Big Stink

In Review: Stink!

Jon Whelan’s documentary Stink! proves, among other things, that the feminist insight “the personal is political” remains true. According to his film, the untimely death of Whelan’s wife Heather from breast cancer, combined with the pungent odor of brand new pajamas he…
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by: Ed Rampell – February 26, 2016

LA’s Gritty Sodbusters

In Review: Can You Dig This

During the Age of Reason, Voltaire wrote the philosophical novel Candide about a youth who travels around the world and upon returning home to Europe at the end of his odyssey towards self-discovery, realizes: “We must cultivate our gardens.” Los Angeles-born and…
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by: Ed Rampell – January 22, 2016

In Review: The Russian Woodpecker

Chernobyl Conspiracy and Cover-up: New Documentary Suggests World’s Worst-Ever Eco-Accident Was Actually Deliberate

Move over Oliver Stone — Chad Gracia’s award winning documentary The Russian Woodpecker is the ultimate conspiracy theory film. This hard-hitting movie makes Stone’s JFK look like a motion picture picnic in the park as it investigates whether the biggest manmade environmental…
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by: Ed Rampell – October 16, 2015

Thirty Years Later: The Bombing of the Rainbow Warrior

New Zealand journalist David Robie returns with two books commemorating the sinking of Greenpeace’s iconic ship and the nuclear-free Pacific movement

Thirty years ago today French secret agents blew up Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior in nuclear free New Zealand. Paris’ covert action, code-named Opération Satanique (Operation Satanic), sank the 131-foot ship in Auckland Harbor, killing 35-year-old Portuguese photographer Fernando Pereira and leaving his eight-year-old…
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by: Ed Rampell – July 10, 2015

Star Wars, Hawaiian Style

Indigenous activists take on Northern Hemisphere’s biggest telescope

The Big Island of Hawaii is often in the news because of the active Kilauea volcano. However, an eruption of another sort at the dormant 13,796 foot-high Mauna Kea is thrusting Hawaii back into the headlines. This explosion of activism has been…
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by: Ed Rampell – April 26, 2015

In Review: Antarctic Edge: 70° South

A beautifully filmed journey to the bottom of the globe reveals new risks to the planet

There’s an old saying: “Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.” Well, here’s a film about a few people who are doing something about extreme weather. Every spring (in the Southern Hemisphere) oceanographers and ecologists of the Long…
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by: Ed Rampell – April 17, 2015

Cyclone Pam Ravages Vanuatu, Leaving At Least 24 Dead

Toll expected to rise; top officials blame climate change

In a 4:00 p.m. EST, phone interview from Manhattan on Monday, Vanuatu’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Odo Tevi, updated Earth Island Journal as to the latest news regarding the cyclone that ravaged his South Pacific Island nation over the weekend: “We…
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by: Ed Rampell – March 16, 2015

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