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Thanks to the Deepwater Horizon Spill, the World is No Longer Black Fishermen’s Oyster

Film Review: Vanishing Pearls

The hard-hitting new documentary Vanishing Pearls: The Oystermen of Pointe á la Hache, which premiered at the Slamdance Film Festival this week, is full of pearls of wisdom. In the documentary, director Nailah Jefferson holds these truths to be self evident: That…
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by: Ed Rampell – January 24, 2014

A Well-Told Tale of A Daring Big Cat Rescue Operation

Film Review: Lion Ark

Lion Ark is a film about a daring rescue operation that liberated 25 lions from bondage. But not, to use another Biblical analogy, from “way down in Egypt land” – rather, from circuses in Bolivia. This engrossing documentary combines elements of Steven…
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by: Ed Rampell – November 8, 2013

Story of Black Bloc’s Benedict Arnold Highlights FBI Surveillance of Activists

Film Review: Informant

Shortly before Edward Snowden’s revelations of the NSA’s all-pervasive Big Brother snooping, at least three print magazine published cover stories presaging his disclosures: Earth Island Journal’s “Prying Eyes” looked at how corporations and law enforcement agencies were spying on environmentalists; The Progressive…
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by: Ed Rampell – October 4, 2013

‘SeaWorld Staff Have Become Master Storytellers Who Believe Their Own Tales’

A Conversation with Blackfish director Gabriela Cowperthwaite

The riveting new documentary Blackfish, which makes a powerful argument that marine life parks are gulags for sea creatures run by corporations in order to reap profits, is sure to make a cinematic splash. Blackfish focuses on Tilikum, the 12,000 pound, 22-foot…
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by: Ed Rampell – July 19, 2013

Tim DeChristopher’s Case Reveals Obama Administration’s Selective Prosecution

Film Review: Bidder 70

Bidder 70 is a stand-up-and-cheer documentary about an activist who made waves while sitting down. Shortly before the Bush regime left office W. leased vast swathes of federally-owned pristine acreage to developers for drilling and mining — an exploitation of public property…
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by: Ed Rampell – May 17, 2013


Ten Films That Shook The World

After Superstorm Sandy struck, Dawn Zimmer, the mayor of Hoboken, NJ, said: “The Hudson River came in and filled half of Hoboken like a bathtub. Indeed. If the 1954 Marlon Brando dockworker drama, On the Waterfront, which was shot on location at…
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by: Ed Rampell – March 4, 2013

Doc Tackles Red Hot Stuff: Franken-Foods and the Seeds of Resistance

Film Review: Genetic Chile

According to Chris Dudley’s new film Genetic Chile, something very disenchanting is taking place in the Land of Enchantment. New Mexico’s iconic chile peppers, which help define the unique cuisine and culture of the state, appear to be under attack by Monsanto…
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by: Ed Rampell – August 24, 2012

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