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Monsanto’s Stock Becoming High Risk as Demand for GMO Labeling Grows

More than 90 GMO-labeling bills were introduced in at least 26 US states over the past year

This article orginally appeared in EcoWatch Whether you believe genetically engineered (GE) foods ought to be labeled or you believe they ought to be outright banned, this very debate means bad news for notorious Big Ag biotech giant Monsanto. Photo by Alexis…
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by: Ecowatch – August 15, 2013

Democratic Governors Raking in Funds from Fossil Fuel Companies

Oil and gas industry campaign contributions a bi-partisan affair

As fracking has made its way through several states, those concerned with its inherent dangers have vehemently voiced their opposition to the practice, but their concerns have fallen on deaf ears. While communities across the country have pleaded for bans and long-term…
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by: Ecowatch – May 23, 2013

Farm Bill Extension in Fiscal Cliff Deal a Disgrace

Move reflects the skewed priorities that continue to produce an unbalanced farm and food policy, say critics

Buried in the 150-page “fiscal cliff” tax bill passed New Year’s Day is a last-minute farm bill extension that buys time for Congress to craft and debate food and farm policy for the long haul since they failed to complete a much-needed…
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by: Ecowatch – January 3, 2013

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