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Conspiracy Theories Fuel Climate Change Denial and Chemtrail Beliefs

We don’t have time for a wacky distraction and, in the case of climate change denial, a barrier to addressing an urgent, critical problem

I recently wrote about geoengineering as a strategy to deal with climate change and carbon dioxide emissions. That drew comments from people who confuse this scientific process with the unscientific theory of “chemtrails.” Some also claimed the column supported geoengineering, which it…
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by: David Suzuki – September 5, 2013

Economic Reality Check – Climate Change Costs Big Bucks

Climate change is already costing the world $1.2 trillion a year and is eating up 1.6 percent of global GDP, and rising

The failure of world leaders to act on the critical issue of global warming is often blamed on economic considerations. Over and over, we hear politicians say they can’t spend our tax dollars on environmental protection when the economy is so fragile.…
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by: David Suzuki – October 9, 2012

Dumping Waste into the Ground Is a Shaky Solution

Little is Known About Leaks from the 680,000 Waste and Injection Sites in the US

What can we do with wastes from our industrial pursuits—from fossil fuel extraction, agriculture, chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing? We’ve been spewing lots of it into the air, but that isn’t a good plan. Carbon dioxide, ozone, mercury and other emissions harm human…
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by: David Suzuki – July 6, 2012


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