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Combating Blast Fishing in Malaysia

Protecting healthy reefs and restoring damaged ones in the Coral Triangle

We are freediving near a gorgeous coral reef along the coast of Kalapuan Island, a small Malaysian island few have ever heard of. Located in the Coral Triangle, which is the global center of marine biodiversity, one would expect to find countless types…
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by: David McGuire – November 13, 2015

Without Sharks, There Would be No Shark Week

With estimated 100 million sharks killed every year, one third of open ocean sharks are threatened with extinction

When was the last time you saw a shark in the wild?  Few of us ever do. More frequently, we experience sharks from behind the safety of glass in an aquarium, or on television watching the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. Photo by…
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by: David McGuire – July 10, 2015

Saving the Endangered Chinese Swamp Cypress

National Geographic Explorer expedition heads into Laos forests to study newly discovered population of this endangered tree in its threatened ecosystem

Located in central Laos, the Nakai plateau is a shelf of land at about 300 meters resting at the western edge of the Annamite Mountains. This range of mixed limestone, sandstone, granitic rocks, and gneisses runs roughly north west and south east,…
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by: David McGuire – May 28, 2015

Shark Stewards

Fighting to Save the Oceans’ Top Predators

A little more than 10 years ago, while diving and filming in the South Pacific, I witnessed something so beautiful and so terrible that it changed the course of my life. The beautiful: During my dives to remote reefs in the region, I discovered the magic of swimming with hundreds of sharks. The terrible: As we sailed west, we encountered reefs with few or no sharks, even in places where these predatory…
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by: David McGuire – Winter 2014


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