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The Strange, Sere Bones of An Ancient Landscape

Images of and reflections on the dry landscape and living history of the Panoche Hills

Interstate 5, running down the west side of the San Joaquin Valley, California cuts a dividing line between the flat valley floor and dry hills rising to the west. Passengers in thousands of cars and trucks, seemingly desperate to pass by as…
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by: David Bacon – October 8, 2015

Indigenous Migrant Farmworkers Demand Change in the Fields

From Baja California to Washington State

photo by David BaconFidel Sanchez at the head of a march of striking farmworkers from the San Quintin Valley in Baja California. When thousands of Indigenous farmworkers went on strike in the San Quintin Valley of Baja California on March 16, their voices were heard not just in the streets of the farm towns along this peninsula in northern Mexico, but well beyond. Two years earlier, migrant workers struck one of the…
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by: David Bacon – Autumn 2015


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