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Preserving the Night

Across the world, Dark Sky reserves help ensure a bright future for astronomical research

At night, the forest whispered its secrets. An elaborate outdoor holographic production billed as “Foresta Lumina” (lighted forest) brought dead trees back to life and played tricks on the humans passing by. In Quebec Province’s Eastern Townships, I hiked on the night-illuminated…
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by: David Lee Drotar – February 9, 2016

Unshielded Power Lines Are Killing Costa Rica’s Howler Monkeys

Native primates mistake wires for vines, suffer horrific deaths, crippling injuries

As Costa Rica’s tropical sun beat fiercely in the small jungle clearing in the Nicoya peninsula, I held the swaddled baby monkey in my arms. Her black fur radiating heat, Felicia reached out a tiny human-like hand and gripped my extended index…
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by: David Lee Drotar – February 24, 2014


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