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High up in the Himalayas, Villagers Live Under the Shadow of An Unpredictable Lake

As glacial lakes around the world grow bigger and deeper, high altitude communities are increasingly at risk from catastrophic flooding

Chorabjor stared at me with gimlet eyes. Why had I come?, he asked through a translator. To learn about Lake Shako Cho, I replied. He signaled me to move closer. I sat down at his side on a low bench covered by…
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by: Daniel Grossman – November 8, 2014

Scientists Look at Ancient Rocks to Figure Out How Fast Polar Ice Will Melt

Learning firsthand how research beneļ¬ts from human virtues like tenacity and creativity

In 2009 my friend Maureen Raymo, then a professor at Boston University, invited me to join her geology expedition to Australia. At first, the trip’s purpose seemed arcane to me: Raymo would study sea level during the geologic period called the Pliocene.…
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by: Daniel Grossman – August 10, 2012


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