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Major Companies Using Palm Oil Commit to Addressing Worst Industry Abuses. But is It Enough?

Only continued consumer pressure will ensure that food and cosmetics industries deliver on their promises

In late July, agribusiness giant Cargill announced a sweeping set of changes to the company’s palm oil policies, promising a commitment to “build a traceable and transparent palm oil supply chain” to “end egregious practices such as deforestation, expansion onto peatlands, and…
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by: Corey Hill – August 20, 2014

A Free Ticket to Frack

Trans-Pacific Partnership could boost the natural gas boom

When it comes to fracking for natural gas, corporations and communities have diametrically opposed interests. For corporations, the operative (and seemingly only) question at hand is: Will this be profitable? For the people living in potential frack-zones, there are often a few…
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by: Corey Hill – March 5, 2014

Labor Abuses Common in Palm Oil Industry

Forced and child labor compound environmental problems

Palm oil is nearly everywhere. It’s in tortilla chips, a cheap way to add oil and maintain texture. It’s in shaving cream, helping it stay creamy. Palm oil is in soap, microwave meals, doughnuts, and cookies. The great panoply of processed goods…
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by: Corey Hill – February 18, 2014

Global Frackdown Seeks to Boost Public Opposition to Gas Extraction

International day of action set for this Saturday

Fracking is under fire. Opposition to the controversial natural gas extraction method is increasingly well-organized. The more people know about hydraulic fracturing, the greater the opposition, as studies expose risks of groundwater contamination and increased seismic activity. But the growing outcry doesn't…
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by: Corey Hill – September 20, 2012

Hog Tied

Small Farmers say Michigan’s Efforts to Root Out Feral Pigs is Driven by Big Ag Interests

On Friday, April 20, the courthouse in the small town in Cheboygan, Michigan was unusually busy, brimming with representatives from the Michigan Department of Agriculture, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, and the state’s Attorney General office.  All told, more than 15…
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by: Corey Hill – May 3, 2012


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