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Different Destinies at Stake in Oregon

A reflection on the men behind the siege of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Headquarters

There’s plenty to read about the Angry White Men who’ve occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Headquarters in Burns, Oregon. I’ve called them “Angry White Men” because that’s all I’ve seen in the hundreds of photos published since last Saturday, when the…
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by: Brooke Williams – January 8, 2016

AWE: Diary

Disappearing in the wonder of the wild moment

Each spring my wife, Terry and I migrate from our home in Wyoming to Dartmouth, a college long famous for the alumni placed at center of America’s financial system, but recently for its sustainability programs. Sustainable Dartmouth is largely a student-driven effort to…
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by: Brooke Williams – October 15, 2015

A Wild that Leaves Us Speechless

photo: Beth Shapiro Lab, Penn State Paddling into a breeze, I marveled, our backs pulling such small blades against such a mighty river. The Colville, on the north slope of the Brooks Range, is Alaska’s largest Arctic river. Eleven of us were on Day Four of a six-day trip to learn how to be more effective in our various roles of protecting from oil and gas development this wild, 23-million-acre area with…
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by: Brooke Williams – Autumn 2014


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