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How Butterfly Farmers Are Safeguarding the Forest in Kenya

Community-based conservation project helps transform former loggers into forest advocates

An innovative community-based conservation project that was started more than 20 years ago near the Kenyan coast is paying off. Former illegal loggers are now embracing butterfly rearing as a conservation model, earning money from their butterfly enterprises while safeguarding Kenya’s forest…
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by: Bob Koigi – July 18, 2016

Learning from the Rainmakers

East African scientists court traditional knowledge for accurate weather predictions

As changes in weather continue to ravage farms and take a toll on food production across East Africa, scientists and meteorologists are turning to traditional rainmakers and weather forecasters to bolster the accuracy of weather predictions. Photo by DFID – UK Department…
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by: Bob Koigi – May 5, 2016

Pastoralist Association Taming Climate-Related Conflict in Eastern Africa

As water scarcity exacerbates long-standing conflicts over resources, group of elders works for lasting peace

Behind towering acacia trees that provide much sought after shade in the sunbaked landscape of southern Ethiopia lies the story of a long quest for lasting peace by communities at the Kenya-Ethiopia border, led most recently by a group of community elders.…
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by: Bob Koigi – December 21, 2015


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