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A Call to Keep the Faith

Finding Purpose: Environmental Stewardship as a Personal Calling
Andrew J. Hoffman
Greenleaf Publishing, 2016, 174 pages

It’s rather easy to get sucked into the black hole of pessimism when it comes to the state of our planet. And it’s just as tempting to find needed solace in optimism, a vague hope that something – technology or an eleventh-hour revolution – will put civilization and the biosphere on a sustainable course. Andrew Hoffman’s Finding Purpose: Environmental Stewardship as a Personal Calling, offers a path out of this stale polarity…
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by: Björn Philip Beer – Winter 2017

George Will Misses the Mark on Divestment

Campus sustainability movements are no more fundamentalist than Will’s unbridled faith in the free market

Last week, Washington Post columnist George Will took a swing at the campus divestment movement that is spreading across the country, arguing that sustainability has “gone mad” on college campuses.  Photo by Light Brigading, on Flickr The environmental movement doesn’t fit into the stale…
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by: Björn Philip Beer – April 21, 2015


In 2012, congress passed a long-overdue reform of federal flood insurance. Two years later, it reversed itself. What happened?

Claudette D’Arrigo’s residence is located less than a mile from the Atlantic Ocean. When she bought her modest 1,662-square-foot home eight years ago in Highlands, New Jersey, her flood insurance was $1,950 per year. Then, in 2012, Superstorm Sandy slammed into the town of 5,000 residents, flooding D’Arrigo’s house. Her annual premium jumped to $2,975. That increase was nothing compared to what would happen next. illustration by Yevgenia Nayberg, nayberg.org In a…
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by: Björn Philip Beer – Winter 2015

People’s Climate March: Morning After Musings

Corporate apologists are going to be most threatened by the moral message that religious and social justice groups brought to the airwaves.

Sometimes, one has to break from journalistic detachment to emotionally process a historic event. On Sunday, about 400,000 people showed up to the People's Climate March in New York City, more than quadruple the number predicted by march organizers.  Last night, as…
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by: Björn Philip Beer – September 22, 2014

Nearly 400,000 Marchers Sound the ‘Climate Alarm’ in New York City

Largest climate protest in history draws comparisons to the first Earth Day action in Manhattan 44 years ago

New York City: A massive river of humanity poured through the canyon of concrete called Manhattan this morning as the People’s Climate March kicked off. Advertised as the largest climate march in history, it was predicted that as many as 100,000 people…
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by: Björn Philip Beer – September 21, 2014

Wilderness Next Door

Following the same route over and over has become a kind of walking meditation.

I had just paid my nonrefundable deposit on a guided Mt. Rainier summit expedition and was watching Chasing Ice, a documentary about the retreat of glaciers across the globe, when my hypocrisy hit me like an avalanche. A self-styled environmentalist, I loved wilderness so much I was about to blast three tons of CO2 into the atmosphere to climb the Nisqually Glacier, before it melted. The whole thing seemed absurd. Ken Rowland…
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by: Björn Philip Beer – Autumn 2014

What’s the Secret Behind Germany’s Clean Energy Success?

The US may never beat them in soccer, but we can in renewable energy

Last month, Germany was in the news for all the wrong reasons: in addition to crushing all would-be challengers in the World Cup, Germany and the US are in the midst of a serious diplomatic crisis after the CIA was caught spying…
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by: Björn Philip Beer – August 6, 2014

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