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What’s the Secret Behind Germany’s Clean Energy Success?

The US may never beat them in soccer, but we can in renewable energy

Last month, Germany was in the news for all the wrong reasons: in addition to crushing all would-be challengers in the World Cup, Germany and the US are in the midst of a serious diplomatic crisis after the CIA was caught spying…
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by: Björn Philip Beer – August 6, 2014

All Together Now!

Environmental organizers busy laying plans for the People’s Climate March

If everything goes according to plan, the People’s Climate March could be the largest climate demonstration in the United States to date. On September 20 and 21, waves of citizens will descend on New York City to show public support for the…
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by: Björn Philip Beer – July 31, 2014

A Pipeline to the Past

Condoleezza Rice sells Keystone XL as a Solution to the Crisis in Ukraine

This is not the first time Condoleezza Rice has used a political crisis to advance the interests of the petroleum industry. In an op-ed in The Washington Post last week, the former Secretary of State connected the political fate of Ukraine to…
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by: Björn Philip Beer – March 11, 2014

Silver Lining in a River of Gray

Federal investigation could break cozy relationship between NC regulators and Duke Energy

Good news about the environment is depressingly rare. Just see, for example, the recent coal pollution disasters in the South. In addition to the third largest coal ash spill in US history that happened in North Carolina earlier this month, on January…
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by: Björn Philip Beer – February 19, 2014

Kerry’s Inconsistent and Incomplete Stance on Climate Change

Secretary of State compares climate change to WMDs, but seems unwilling to push for stringent action on the home front

In Indonesia on Sunday, Secretary of State John Kerry boldly called for international action on climate change. He did not mince words when he called climate change “perhaps the world’s most fearsome weapon of mass destruction.” Photo by Ralph AlswangGiven his hesitance…
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by: Björn Philip Beer – February 18, 2014


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