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What Ronald Reagan Has to Do with Dora on Your Popsicle Package

The backstory behind Shrek hawking Twinkies

If asked to think of the lasting legacies of Ronald Reagan, you might conjure up the long shadow of US military intervention in Central America or the coordinated attack on organized labor and public-sector programs. Probably few of us would think about…
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by: Anna Lappé – September 26, 2013

The Food Movement Rising

In the face of big-budget marketing campaigns, we have the truth — and taste — on our side

In case you didn’t get the memo, today is Food Day. In more than 2,000 communities in all fifty states, people will be taking a moment to step back and celebrate our food — and the growing ranks of a food movement…
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by: Anna Lappé – October 24, 2012


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