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Hope’s Edge

Nearly two decades ago, I stood on a train platform in the city of Bhatinda in the north Indian state of Punjab at sunrise. Flies buzzed. Young men dozed nearby with legs curled up for warmth. Next to me stood Afsar Jafri, an organic farming advocate who had been with us for days, taking my mother and me on a tour of nearby farmlands devastated by decades of chemical agriculture and communities…
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by: Anna Lappé – Spring 2017

Good Food Rising

When you picture school lunch what comes to mind? Gooey pizza and floppy French fries, or fresh organic produce and chicken raised without routine antibiotics? My guess is the former. But thanks to advocates around the country, someday it may just be the latter. Every year the National School Lunch Program spends almost $13 billion to feed over 30 million children. For years, school leaders and community activists have been working to…
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by: Anna Lappé – Winter 2017

Will the Real Litterbug Please Stand Up?

On October 13, 1953, executives from beer, soda, chewing gum, cigarette, and candy companies, as well as the packaging and chemical industries, launched a new organization: Keep America Beautiful. As The New York Times would write a year later, the group called itself “a national public service organization for the elimination of litter.” photo by Lee CourseySoda companies have been lobbying for decades to shift the burden of bottle recycling to taxpayers.…
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by: Anna Lappé – Autumn 2016

Why Hawking H20 Is Radical

Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry will undoubtedly go down as one of the greatest players in basketball history. But he will be remembered for another reason, too: He was the first major celebrity athlete to turn his back on multimillion dollar endorsement deals for soda and instead embrace water. Yes, water, and not the bottled stuff, but tap water. In his statement about the deal with water filter company Brita, Curry…
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by: Anna Lappé – Summer 2016

Un-bottling Water

photo Taneli MielikäinenNational Parks are banning plastic in favor of refillable water bottle hydration stations. The majestic half-dome of Yosemite. The psychedelic-colored hot springs of Yellowstone. The jaw-dropping ravines of the Grand Canyon…. Piles of plastic water bottles? Until recently, all of these – yes, plastic bottles included – could be considered iconic of our nation’s national parks. In the Grand Canyon alone, the park was recycling more than 900 tons of…
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by: Anna Lappé – Spring 2016

One Word: Agroecology

The Tweet from global chemical giant Bayer links to a peppy quiz testing your honeybee knowledge. The announcement from Monsanto declares its commitment to a “milkweed” sanctuary near St. Louis for monarch butterflies on their long migration from Mexico to Canada. The companies’ websites are bursting with images of shiny, happy people apparently thrilled with the promises of the chemical age of agriculture. It’s spin, of course, designed to obscure the fact…
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by: Anna Lappé – Winter 2016

It’s Alive! The Amazing World of Soil

“We can’t eat those carrots,” the kids cried out. “They’re covered in dirt!” My friend had been regaling me with stories about teaching public school kids healthy eating and gardening and this particular comment struck a chord: Kids are so used to devouring carrots from plastic bags that they’re shocked to see the vegetables with soil still clinging to their orange flesh. What we dismiss as dirt is perhaps the most valued…
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by: Anna Lappé – Autumn 2015

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