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Warnings from the Arctic

Record-breaking temperatures in Alaska, the US's canary in the climate coal mine, provide glimpse of a warmer future

There is an ongoing scientific debate as to how much influence our changing climate had on the extreme cold snap or what some call “bomb cycle” in the Northeastern US. As usual, there is an active discussion. Last week, World Weather Attribution…
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by: Andy Rowell – January 16, 2018

Majority of US Public Against Drilling in ANWR

Oil experts think economics are “suspect”

Republicans may be celebrating their great tax rip off they sneaked through last Friday night, which included the hugely disputed proposal of drilling of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, but opening up America’s last true wilderness to oil exploitation is still far…
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by: Andy Rowell – December 5, 2017

The Bosses at TransCanada May Not be Enjoying Their Turkey

Bad news piles up for company over Keystone XL pipeline

As millions celebrate Thanksgiving, the bosses at TransCanada will not be in a cheerful, festive mood. They will be wondering what went wrong over the last week, after they seem to have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Photo by maisa_nyc/Flickr…
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by: Andy Rowell – November 23, 2017

Trump Nominates Coal Lobbyist for Top EPA Job Just Days after Puerto Rico Visit

Nomination comes as Caribbean scientists calls for urgent climate action in wake of Hurricane Maria

Even a week after his visit to the Hurricane ravaged island of Puerto Rico, President Trump is still having to defend his crass comments and insensitive actions when he was there. Speaking over the weekend, Trump defended his widely criticized action of…
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by: Andy Rowell – October 9, 2017

Portuguese Kids to Sue 47 EU Governments Over Climate Change

Children from region hit by country's worst forest fires seek crowdfunding for lawsuit

For the last couple of years in the US, 21 children and young adults, known as the “climate kids,” have been involved in a landmark legal suit against the US Government for failing to act on climate change. The legal action, which…
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by: Andy Rowell – September 26, 2017

Hurricane Harvey’s Toxic Legacy

How Big Oil amplified the storm's impact on public health and the environment

Yesterday, the Governor of Texas warned that the bill for reconstruction after Superstorm Harvey could be as high as $180 billion. To put this into perspective, this is much worse that Hurricane Katrina. It also does not include the hidden huge impact…
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by: Andy Rowell – September 5, 2017

Making the Connection Between Climate Change and Hurricane Harvey

As President Trump visits Texas, it's time to discuss how global warming likely intensified the superstorm

Texas has never seen rain like it. Some forty to sixty inches of rain in some places. Over 9 trillion gallons of water or maybe even more. There has been so much rain that the National Weather Service had to add extra…
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by: Andy Rowell – August 29, 2017

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