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Will Tar Sands Oil Soon Be on the Way to Europe?

The US government has authorized limited re-exports of foreign crude to Europe for the first time in years

As political pressure mounts in the US to lift the country’s decades-old crude oil export ban, Reuters reported yesterday that the US government has recently authorized limited re-exports of foreign crude to Europe for the first time in years. Photo by Dru…
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by: Andy Rowell – February 6, 2014

Colorado Floods ‘Completely Overwhelm’ Oil Inspectors

When the devastating floods affected Colorado earlier this month, critics of the fracking industry were quick to point out that the number of inspectors was totally inadequate for the task of inspecting the damaged wells. They highlighted how Colorado only has 17…
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by: Andy Rowell – September 25, 2013

Exxon’s Paper Towel Clean Up

It seems that company has been dumping oil from its Mayflower spill in a wetlands area after all

When news emerged last week that Exxon had surprisingly secured a no-fly zone over the area surrounding its 150,000 gallon spill in Mayflower in Arkansas, most people thought that here was Big Oil up to its tricks again trying to deliberately stop…
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by: Andy Rowell – April 10, 2013

Ecuador Offers Chinese Oil Companies 3 Million Hectares of the Amazon

Offer made the same day Peru declared a state of emergency in its part of the rainforest

If we are serious about weaning ourselves off our addiction to fossil fuels, then the most obvious place to start is where its ecological and cultural impact is greatest: the Arctic, the tar sands, and the Amazon. The battle for oil in…
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by: Andy Rowell – March 27, 2013

Obama Continues to “Drill Baby Drill”

The US plans to open up 20 million acres in the Gulf for drilling, yet talks big at the Doha climate summit

On Monday at the UN climate talks in Doha, the US claimed credit for “enormous” efforts on climate change. Jonathan Pershing, a senior negotiator for the US, said: “Those who don’t know what the US is doing may not be informed of…
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by: Andy Rowell – November 28, 2012

The Next President Must Act on Climate

Nowhere in the world is the rising number of natural catastrophes more evident than in North America, says new report

As the world watches with bated breath as to who will become the next President of the US, there are increasingly calls that whoever wins the election must radically tackle climate change. Whilst this election has been widely criticized for its climate silence,…
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by: Andy Rowell – November 6, 2012

Greenwashing +20

To an Unsuspecting Public, it Looks Like Big Business Cares About the Planet and is Demanding Action

If you open a copy of the Financial Times this morning, you will see a full page advert from the “Friends of Rio+20” with a message to the delegates at the UN Conference on Sustainable Development. Photo courtesy Oil Change InternationalShell CEO,…
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by: Andy Rowell – June 19, 2012


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