Something’s Fishy

The Central Pacific Nation of Kiribati Boasts It Has Created One of the Largest No-Fishing Marine Reserves in the World. Unfortunately, It’s Not True.

Christopher Pala

Plastic Pollution Coalition

Businesses Go Beyond Plastic

Maureen Nandini Mitra

The Green Economy and a Path to Citizenship

+David Foster is the founding executive director of the BlueGreen Alliance, a national partnership of labor unions and environmental organizations dedicated to expanding the number and quality of jobs...

David Foster

So Long, Farewell

Remember Peak Oil? Before fracking opened up vast amounts of gas and shale oil, before the protests against the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, before BP’s Deepwater Horizon blowout, peak oil was on...

Jason Mark

New Leaders Initiative

Meet the 2013 Brower Youth Awards Winners


More Immigration = More Americans = Less Wilderness

-Dave Foreman, a co-founder of EarthFirst! and the founder of the Rewilding Institute, is author of Rewilding North America. He is a member of the population stabilization group Apply the Brakes. The ...

Dave Foreman

Letters & Emails

Melting Away Thank you for Jeremy Miller’s excellent, but troubling, report on the Sierra Nevada’s glaciers, “The Dying Glaciers of California” (Summer 2013). Reading the article brought back ...


An Extreme Energy Roadtrip’s Postcard from the Edge

Blowing the Tops off of Mountains, Fracturing Communities, Digging for Tar Sands in the Desert…

Tara Lohan

Naomi Klein

Canadian author Naomi Klein is so well known for her blade-sharp commentary that it’s easy to forget that she is, above all, a first-rate reporter. I got a glimpse into her priorities as I was worki...

Jason Mark

Local News from All Over

Africa Bittersweet Chocolate Note to government officials in Ivory Coast: The ends do not justify the means. In July the Ivorian government launched a campaign to clear tens of thousands of cacao farm...


Green Machine

The US Military is the World’s Largest Fuel Guzzler. It’s also Leading the Charge to Break Our Addiction to Oil.

Robert Bateman

Take My Advice

Letters to a Young Scientist
By Edward O. Wilson
Liveright, 2013, 256 pages

Mark J. Palmer

Sharks Off the Menu

Each year as many as 100 million sharks fall victim to finning – a brutal practice in which fishermen catch the fish, cut off its fins, and then throw the mutilated animal back in the sea to die. Sh...


Hooked on Phonics

Mark Fischer


Now and Never

The Once and Future World: Finding Wilderness in the Nature We’ve Made
By J.B. MacKinnon
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2013, 240 pages

Jason Mark

Kick Back, Relax, Offset Your CO2

With global climate talks stuck in a stalemate, several countries have made unilateral commitments to slash their greenhouse gas emissions to zero. Since 2007, New Zealand, Norway, Iceland, Tuvalu, Bh...


Back from the Dead

We’re on the Verge of Being Able to Revive Extinct Species. But Even If We Could, Does that Mean We Should?

Jason Mark

A Tale of Two Wolves

Our life-changing experience was about to come to a close. After six years of living with and documenting a pack of wolves in the wilderness, the Forest Service permits allowing our experiment were ab...

Jim and Jamie Dutcher

Notes from a Warming World

Hurry Up – or Die To survive the era of global warming vertebrate species must somehow dramatically accelerate their natural pace of evolution – or risk going extinct. According to a study publish...


Modified Stands

Will genetically engineered trees help save the climate or will they alter forests forever?

Maureen Nandini Mitra

Green Machine?


Robert Bateman

It’s Time to Replace More with Better

Rethinking Consumerism

Annie Leonard

Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor?

+/-After years of delay, a comprehensive immigration bill is moving its way through the US Congress. Proponents say a nation founded by immigrants should provide newcomers a path to citizenship, while...