Resources for Media Democracy

Petition for Media Democracy

The Alliance for Community Media [666 11th Street NW, Suite 740, Washington, DC 20001, (202) 393-2650, fax -2653,] is circulating a “Petition for Media Democracy” to be submitted to Congress. From the preamble:

Democracy is the foundation of our society. To flourish, democracy depends on the ability of people to communicate ideas, share opinions and get information. Today, the primary means of information delivery and exchange is through electronic media.

Frequently there is a conflict of interest between the free flow of public and civic communication and the need of commercial media to create profit… Disenfranchised people are the least represented in commercial, for-profit media.

True democracy requires:

  • Access to electronic communications training, equipment, facilities and delivery systems and literacy in the use of electronic media;
  • The designation of public funds for the public use of equipped and operational non-commercial, community media centers and facilities.

True media democracy can be achieved when elected and appointed representatives support positive legislation and policies to guarantee that all people have access to electronic media.

Alternative Radio Waves

The A-Infos Radio Project [] archives progressive radio programs from around the world. It includes US programs like TUC Radio, Alternative Radio, WINGS, This Way Out, Thin Air, Labor Express, Earth First! Radio, The Weekly Freak Show, Radio Active Productions, People’s Tribune Radio, Unwelcome Guests, and global offerings such as Renewing the Anarchist Tradition, and Europe’s ResistenzRadio. Listen online or download the show for personal use or for re-broadcast on local community radio. A great way to beat the mainstream media ban on free expression.

The People’s Communication Charter

The People’s Communication Charter is an attempt to combat “pervasive forms of censorship, distorted and misleading information, stereotyped images of gender and race, restricted access to knowledge, and insufficient channels to communicate… ideas and opinions.” To read and/or endorse the Charter, click on the PCC website:

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