Saving Dolphins and Whales Worldwide

Earth Island Reports

International Marine Mammal Project’s (IMMP) work spanned the globe this summer. IMMP’s Ric O’Barry built a dolphin rescue center in Java with the help of Jakarta Animal Aid Network. IMMP has been successful in stopping the capture of live dolphins and has helped reduce killing of dolphins for fish bait in Java.

O’Barry was also in Japan, checking on rumors of radiation in whale and dolphin meat due to the Fukushima nuclear disaster. O’Barry and the Save Japan Dolphins Team will be in Taiji, Japan, on September 1 to put a global spotlight on the dolphin hunt there.

Meanwhile, at the International Whaling Commission meeting in Jersey, UK, IMMP’s Mark J. Palmer and David Rinehart produced another edition of the newsletter ECO, giving voice to the environmental movement at the intergovernmental body’s annual convention. It appears the commission has made little progress on ending illegal whaling. Copies of this and past year’s ECOs are here.

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