Dear Journal

“Slanderous” Cover

If you people are going to be slandering our president on the cover of your tree-hugger magazine, I do not care to receive it. I’m sick and tired of you imbicile [sic] liberals. When you belittle our president, you belittle our country.

Cole Shooter
Lubbock, Texas

“Classic” Cover

I loved the cover on your Summer 2001 issue. Any chance of getting a poster? I’d love to get a poster of the art with “Bush to Earth: Drop Dead” slogan. That is a classic.

Excellent issue on the inside, too. As a daily swimmer, I was a little dismayed to read about the skin’s excellent ability to absorb water-borne toxins [“Is Your Bathtub a Toxic Dump?”]

John Wall
San Francisco, California

Good news, John.

The “Drop Dead” cover is now a drop-dead gorgeous color poster. See page 7!

I’ll Never Cruise Again!

I took one cruise in my lifetime – a Holiday Carnival cruise from Los Angeles to Encenada, Mexico. Now that I read your article on how cruise ships have failed in their sewage treatment tests [Campaign to Safeguard America’s Waters, page 7, Summer 2001], I will never take a cruise again. It sickens me to know that these large cruise ships are polluting the watery beauty in and around places like Alaska and the Caribbean. Thank you for putting this into perspective!

Paul Dale Roberts,
Chief Modesto Irrigation District
Elk Grove, California

How Long Shall We Grovel?

Bill Moyers’ April 4 PBS special “Trade Secrets” suggested that the cure for chemical corporations that drench their workers and neighbors in poisons was to pass “right to know” laws and require testing of chemicals before they are produced.

But reports, articles and books going back 60 years reveal that knowledge about the dumping of toxic chemicals and the persistent manipulations, murders, deceptions, and usurpations by chemical corporations and government officials was NO SECRET. Anyone who chooses to look will find persistent corporate denial of people’s constitutional and human rights.

How long shall we authorize chemical corporate officials to kill? How long shall we beg them to tell the truth? To make the air, water and soil, our foods and our jobs a “little less deadly”? To please “give us” the right to know? How long shall we grovel before our elected public servants?

Other species are counting on us to do more than regulate the destruction of the planet.

Richard Grossman,
Co-director Program on Corporations, Law & Democracy
Milton Mills, New Hamphire

God Is a Vegetarian

Millions of people have read the Torah verse (Genesis 1:29) and passed it by without considering its meaning. It is a spiritual blueprint of a vegetarian world order. God’s original dietary plan represents a unique statement in humanity’s spiritual history.

The Torah mandates that animals should be able to eat the products of the harvest as they thresh in the fields. Today, animals are fed chemical fatteners and other additives.

The aims of vegetarians and ecologists are similar: simplify our lifestyles, have regard for the Earth and all forms of life and apply the knowledge that “the Earth is the Lord’s.” It is increasingly clear that a shift toward a vegetarian diet is a planetary imperative.

Richard H. Schwartz, Ph.D
New York, New York
Dr. Schwartz [] is a professor emeritus at the College of Staten Island and author of Judaism and Vegetarianism.

Robert Redford Challenges Bush

I am appalled by President Bush’s plan to open up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) to massive oil development. To me, ANWR represents everything spectacular and everything endangered about America’s natural heritage: a million years of ecological serenity; an irreplaceable sancturary of polar bears, white wolves and 130,000 caribou.

For 20,000 years – literally hundreds of generations – the native Gwich’in people have inhabited this sacred place, following the caribou and leaving the awe-inspiring landscape just as they found it.

Our presidents, going back to Eisenhower, have kept a bipartisan promise to safeguard this world-class natural treasure. But not THIS president.

Only one group of Americans will benefit from the destruction of the ANWR: the oil giants. Everyone else will lose. Arctic wildlife populations will decline, the Gwich’in will see their land marred by pipelines and poisoned by oil spills, and the planet will suffer catastrophic global warming from the burning of even more fossil fuel.

The Republican energy bill is moving through Congress. The Natural Resources Defense Council has set up a website to make it easy to send a message of protest to your representatives.

Please visit It will only take a minute.

Robert Redford
Sundance, Utah

A Stirring Invitation

Bless you all so much for the words about our Ichetucknee River. It was so wonderful to see the picture of the children in the spring-fed waters of the Ichetucknee in Earth Island Journal.

We invite you to visit our site at

Thank you Earth Island.

Casey, Pam, Sam and Pete Leydon
Save The Ichetucknee River America!
Ichetucknee, Florida

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