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  • photo of a chimpanzeeAnimals Are Persons, Too
    Inside the effort to convince the courts to recognize nonhuman personhood.
    By Maureen Nandini Mitra
  • photo of a partly drowned desert canyon, dead trees showing above the surfaceDrowned Heart
    An adventure to Glen Canyon’s Cathedral in the Desert, restored by the West’s epic drought.
    By Jeremy Miller
  • photo of high mountains and a meadow of wildflowersUnderwater
    In 2012, Congress reformed a broken flood insurance program. Then it changed its mind. Why?
    By Bjorn Philip Beer

Latest News

White House Unveils Plan to Open Atlantic Waters to Offshore Oil Drilling

Move to lease large swaths of ocean along east coast and double down in Gulf of Mexico oddly comes in wake of attacks against right for climate change denial

President Barack Obama pivoted from his goal of fighting climate change on Tuesday, setting out a plan to allow the first oil drilling in Atlantic waters off the US east coast but bar companies from some of the pristine waters off the…
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Can We 3D Print our Way to Sustainability?

3D printing offers promise for home-based manufacturing and recycling

Someday soon, home may be where the recycling happens. If Dr. Joshua Pearce has his way, that is. Pearce has spent his career investigating how technology can address the pressing global issues of sustainability and poverty. Last year, he and his team…
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Plan for Big Solar Array on Long Island Sod Farm Has Residents Crying Foul

Proposed project on bucolic green pits solar power proponents against open space advocates

On Long Island, NY a battle between open space preservation and solar energy has come to a head over a plan to construct a 9.5-megawatt solar array on a 60-acre sod farm by a residential neighborhood in the Suffolk County town of…
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Managing the Wild: Rocky Mountain National Park Turns 100

RMNP managers have learned a thing or two in the first 100 years — here’s a look back, and forward, to the challenges ahead

“It had taken five years of lobbying, debate, conflict, and compromise ... But it happened. On January 26, 1915, President Woodrow Wilson signed the bill into law. Rocky Mountain National Park was born.” – Mary Taylor Young, “Rocky Mountain National Park: The…
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Obama Seeks Wilderness Designation for Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

If approved by Congress, it would mean exploration for onshore oil is now off limits in the region

President Obama’s Administration moved to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, known as one of the most wild and remote areas in the world. The Department of the Interior announced yesterday the release of a conservation plan that recommends additional protections for the Refuge…
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Anti-Fracking Group Settles Surveillance Lawsuit With Pennsylvania

Deal doesn’t alter the cozy relationship between the energy industry and the state, says group’s founder

A grassroots anti-fracking group wrongfully cited as a terror threat in intelligence bulletins distributed by the Pennsylvania Office of Homeland Security (OHS) in 2010, settled its lawsuit against the state last week. The suit by the Gas Drilling Awareness Coalition (GDAC) stems…
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Southern California Conservationists Are Tied in a Long Battle With Crayfish

Crustacean invaders are choking out local species, amphibians especially at risk

The invaders began arriving in Southern California half a century ago. They lurk in ponds, slower streams, and creeks in the Santa Monica Mountains, prevailing over all the watershed area. A kind of ubiquitous omnivore, red swamp crayfish (procambarus clarkii) eat anything, ranging from…
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Wendell Berry
The poet, novelist, essayist and farmer discusses organic foods, his frustrations with the environmental movement, and his love of his horses.
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Social Change Is Magic
Brower Youth Award Winner Doorae Shin writes that being a progressive activist has fulfilled her childhood fantasy to attend Hogwarts.
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Smoke ‘Em Out
The Journal’s new columnist, Anna Lappé, on what the climate justice movement can learn from the global campaign against Big Tobacco.
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What’s a Critter Worth?

On the value of wolves and eagles, ravens and squirrels.
By Eric Freedman

No Time to Spare

A review of Naomi Klein’s new book, This Changes Everything.
By Tom Athanasiou

Food Forest

In the Peruvian Amazon, locally managed Brazil nut forests help keep deforestation at bay.
By Benjamin Hodgdon

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