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Winter 2017

volume 31 no 4
Winter 2017 cover

From the Editor

Just a few days after the US elections it’s already clear that difficult times lie ahead. The multiple reports of hate and bigotry coming in from across this nation have made the prospect of the next four years under a Donald Trump presidency seem nightmarish to many. The future of our lands and waters too, is in grave peril. There’s no escaping the fact that under a climate change denying president and a right-wing GOP, many of the environmental protections we have fought so hard for over decades might get rolled back. At immediate …more


Nations Rising
Across North America Indigenous people are pushing for a renewable energy future.
At the Sharp End
South Africa’s private game reserves, which have played an important role in rhino conservation, are now finding their charges a liability.
The Green Rush
Humboldt County has a new extractive industry.
Feedback: Letters and Emails
Talking Points: Local News from All Over
Digging Deeper: Good Food Rising
Earth Island Reports: Connecting Kids with Nature
KIDS for the BAY
Earth Island Reports: If You Build It, They Will Come: Bringing Steelhead Back to the Central Coast
South Coast Habitat Restoration
Stories: Bush Beat
An unarmed anti-poaching unit is shaking up South Africa’s war on wildlife crime.
Stories: Forest Guardians
On one of the Philippines’ most densely-forested islands, a small team of dedicated park staff struggle to fend off illegal loggers and miners.
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1,000 Words: Remediation Art
John Sabraw
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Conversation: Cheap Food is a Myth
Alice Waters
In Review: A Call to Keep the Faith
Finding Purpose: Environmental Stewardship as a Personal Calling
Andrew J. Hoffman
Greenleaf Publishing, 2016, 174 pages
In Review: Paths Forged by Man and Beast
On Trails: An Exploration
By Robert Moor
Simon & Schuster, 2016, 352 pages
Voices: Reframing the Climate Narrative



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