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Winter 2016

volume 30 no 4
Winter 2016 cover

From the Editor

I drink water straight from the tap at home. It’s tasty, it’s refreshing, and it’s healthy. At least I assume it’s healthy.

Carla Bartlett assumed the same. For many years she drank “lots and lots” of iced tea – her favorite drink – made with water flowing from the tap in her home in Coolville, Ohio, a small, working-class town across the river from DuPont’s plant in West Virginia. But what Bartlett didn’t know was that her water supply was contaminated with a carcinogenic chemical, C8, that DuPont used to make one of …more


Teflon’s Toxic Legacy
For more than half a century DuPont hid information that a chemical it was using to make Teflon might be making people sick.
Hounding the Hunters
Animal rights activists are employing a new set of tactics to thwart hunters from taking down wolves, bears, and other game.
Paris and After
Will Paris be a success or a failure? It will be both. The real question is whether it opens the way to a meaningful “ambition ratcheting” mechanism.
Stories: More Than Words
The race to save a Northern Paiute dialect that’s down to a handful of speakers reveals what we stand to lose when a language dies.
Conversation: Aaron Mair
Stories: Wild at Heart
Scientists and crop breeders are racing to identify the wild ancestors of domesticated plants before they disappear.
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In Review: When Radical Action is Moral
What We’re Fighting for Now Is Each Other: Dispatches from the Front Lines of Climate Justice
By Wen Stephenson
Beacon Press, 2015, 256 pages
In Review: Fighting Famine
The End of Plenty: The Race to Feed a Crowded World
By Joel K. Bourne Jr.
W.W. Norton & Company, 2015, 408 pages
Voices: Cultivating Meaningful Change



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