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Winter 2014

volume 28 no 4
Winter 2014 cover

From the Editor

“Scientists say …” If you’ve been involved in environmental politics for any amount of time, you’ve seen some version of that phrase before. Perhaps it was on a green group press release, or on a blog post at some eco-news website. Maybe you’ve said it yourself, in a (probably vain) attempt to convince a friend that climate change really is happening. When it comes to making an argument or stating a case, environmentalists often fall back on some version of “according to scientists.”

In a way, appealing to science makes good sense. From its …more


What’s the Beef?
Lab-grown meat could resolve the environmental and ethical problems of industrial agriculture. But will anyone eat it?
Rough Waters Ahead
A Rafting Trip Through Utah’s Desolation Canyon, One of the West’s Great Unprotected Wildernesses, Under the Shadow of Oil and Gas Development
Science Friction
We Like to Believe Science is the Ultimate Trump Card. Time to Think Again.
Green – It Seems
Despite all the fine print on consumer labels, we still know very little about what goes into the products we use everyday
1,000 Words: Dave Imus
America, Rediscovered
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The Yampa River
Flowing Free, For Now
After the Flood
Dams across the United States are being decommissioned and rivers restored to their natural flow. As scientists are learning, tearing down the barriers is just the first step in returning a river to health.
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Conversation: Michael Pollan
+/-: Peak Oil – Are We There Yet?
+/-: Peak Oil as Wishful Thinking
+/-: Preparedness Matters More than CO2 Targets
In Review: Friend or Frenemy?
Undercover: The True Story of Britain’s Secret Police
By Rob Evans And Paul Lewis
Faber and Faber, 2013, 352 pages
In Review: A for Effort
Wild Ones: A Sometimes Dismaying, Weirdly Reassuring Story About Looking at People Looking at Animals in America
By Jon Mooallem
Penguin, 2013, 339 pages
Voices: Time to Put Conservation Back in Conservatism



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