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Winter 2013

volume 27 no 4
Winter 2013 cover

From the Editor

On the morning after the 2012 US elections, the financial markets delivered their unique take on the ballot results. In the space of a few hours, Wall Street pummeled coal company stocks. Shares of Peabody Energy lost nearly 10 percent in value, Arch Coal plummeted 12.5 percent while Alpha Natural Resources dropped 12.2 percent. The sell-off was driven by shareholders’ anticipation of tighter environmental regulations in the coming years. It was also a damning verdict on the fossil fuel companies’ bad investments during the long campaign season.

The coal companies – along with …more


Heart of Darkness
For centuries the people of the Faroe Islands survived by hunting whales. In the twenty-first century, the tradition persists – not only because some people there like to eat whales, but because they enjoy killing them.
Bombing North Dakota
Living amid the Bakken Oil Boom
Rumble in the Jungle
Palm oil companies are destroying forests in Indonesia and Malaysia. Some communities are fighting back.
Hunters of the Scottish Skies
Last seen in the British Isles a century ago, white-tailed eagles are now being reintroduced to one of their ancestral homes.
1,000 Words: Blast from the Past
Laura Cunningham
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Fueling the Tiger
The US Coal Industry Wants to Boost Exports to Asia – Native American Tribes Stand in the Way
Conversation: Sandra Steingraber
+/-: Car Talk
What’s the Greenest Way to Go?
+/-: Plug In, Drop Out
+/-: Re-use, Recycle, Re-fuel
Missing the Forest for the Trees
Uganda believes tree plantations are a perfect solution to the nation's deforestation crisis. Critics say planting non-native trees causes more harm than good.
In Review: One in a Million
The Kingdom of Rarities
By Eric Dinerstein
Island Press, 2013, 336 pages
In Review: Dream a Little Dream
America the Possible: Manifesto for a New Economy
By James Gustave Speth
Yale University Press, 2012, 272 pages
Voices: Up with Young People



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