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Winter 2011

volume 25 no. 4
Winter 2011 cover

From the Editor

There’s no question that for those of us committed to environmental sanity and social justice the November mid-term elections were a disappointing setback. The Republican Party has always been ideologically opposed to using government (that is, um, “We, the people”) to counteract pollution. But once upon a time you could find some Republicans who supported old-fashioned, Rooseveltian conservation, and even a handful (think of the first President Bush) who were willing to act on big threats like acid rain. Today, when it comes to major issues like global warming, a willful ignorance has gripped …more


Under the Eternal Sky
Multinational mining hordes eye Mongolia’s Earthly fortunes
Lost In the Valley of Excess
California’s wealthiest growers, poorest workers, and the water between them…
Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation
Can a new group of young environmental leaders reinvigorate greens’ grassroots spirit?
Earth Island Reports: International Marine Mammal Project
Save Japan Dolphins Goes Global
Earth Island Reports: South Coast Habitat Restoration
Trout Triumph
Earth Island Reports: Viva Sierra Gorda
Put a Roof on It
Earth Island Reports: Project Coyote
Ban Coyote Bounties!
Dispatches: Cold Comfort
1,000 Words: Homeward Bound
Joe Riis
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+/–: Atomic Energy: Climate Fix… or Folly?
Nuclear vs. Renewables
+/–: Nuclear Power is Safe, Sound …and Green
+/–: Nuclear Nonsense
Conversation: Bill McKibben
Dispatches: Hasta La Victoria Siempre
Residents of Vieques Pushed Out the US Navy After 60 Years of Bombing. A Sick Population Now Fights for Redress.
In Review: Green Film Is Good Film
A Preview of the San Francisco Green Film Festival
In Review: Mind over Matter
The Watchman’s Rattle: Thinking Our Way Out of Extinction
By Rebecca Costa
334 pages, VanGuard Press, 2010
In Review: Battle Royale
The Climate War: True Believers, Power Brokers, and the Fight to Save the Earth
by Eric Pooley
496 pages, Hyperion, 2010
Voices: My Month Without Monsanto



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