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Winter 2009

The Forests Issue
volume 23 no. 4
Winter 2009 cover

From the Editor

Five years ago, I took a backpacking trip to Alaska because, as I wryly put it then, I wanted to “see the place before it melted.” Like most tourists to the Last Frontier, I was blown away by the burly beauty of the state, the ease with which you can find yourself in the wild. But a pall shadowed my enjoyment. As a first-time visitor, I couldn’t help but notice that huge swaths of Alaskan forest were dead or dying. In many places, groves of brown trees broke the greenery. At times, I saw …more


Mission Impossible
Ecologists agree that there is no way to win the War Against Wildfire. So why is the Forest Service spending more than ever on fire suppression?
Fever in the Forests
Global climate change is making many trees sick – and in the process releasing more carbon into the atmosphere
Fear Factor
Can We Learn to Live with Predators Among Us?
1,000 Words: Forest of Memory
Elena Baca Suquet
Reports: Borderlands
Illegal Logging Threatens Russia’s Last Great Wilderness
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Reports: A Future with Forestry
Community Forest Enterprises Offer Hope for Rural Mexico
Conversation: Frederick Schilling
Reports: Up in Smoke
Big Tobacco Ruins a Small African Nation
In Review: Flow
In Review: Journal Bookshelf
In Review: Bargaining for Eden
The Fight for the Last Open Spaces in America
Voices: A Tale of Two Wildernesses



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