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Winter 2003

volume 17 no. 4

Winter 2003 cover


Oil, gas and the grizzly
Energy exploration may push Yellowstone’s charismatic megafauna over the edge
Earth Summit falls flat
NGOs shut, out, Colin Powell is booed offstage, and a mediocre time is had by all
Tower Kill
Our burgeoning network of towers for mobile phones, pagers, and digital television kills millions of migratory birds a year – and prevention may be as simple as changing a lightbulb
World Reports: A gift to terrorists?
George Bush’s nuclear waste transport and disposal plan puts millions of Americans at risk.
World Reports: Losing the leatherback
The world’s largest living reptile may go extinct so that we can eat swordfish.
World Reports: That sinking feeling
Their island nation on the verge of disappearing due to sea level rise, citizens of Tuvalu prepare for repatriation.
World Reports: To reflect and preserve
Nate Walker paints to celebrate the natural world’s beauty, and to provoke thought and action in its defense
Thought for Food: Earth Island Issue on GM Foods
Thought for Food: A look at genetically-modified crops, served with a helping of Greenpeace’s True Food Now Shopping list
Thought for Food: Recommended Reading
Thought for Food: GE or NOT GE…
Creating Choice for Consumers
Thought for Food: Playing with Our Food
In Review: In Review…
Voices: The Other Side of ‘Chemtrails’



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