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Winter 2010

volume 24 no. 4
Winter 2010 cover

From the Editor

We were sitting in a rental car overlooking the picturesque Japanese fishing village of Taiji when Ric O’Barry said to me, “You know, we have a lot to learn from the Japanese.”

O’Barry (the subject of our cover story) is the star of the recent documentary The Cove, which follows his efforts to halt the capture and slaughter of bottlenose dolphins by fishermen in Taiji. The dolphin killing pains O’Barry, but he is careful to point out that a small number of people in Japan are involved.

I asked O’Barry what lessons the …more


The Reluctant Warrior
At 70, Ric O’Barry would love to be at home watering his bamboo and playing with his five-year-old daughter. Instead, he spends most of his time with people who hate him.
Forest Medieval
Poland’s Bialowieza is one of the only old growth forests in Europe. Despite being a World Heritage Site, it’s threatened by logging.
World of Wonder
Toward a re-enchantment with Nature
Earth Island News: IMMP
Mobilizing to Stop the Slaughter of Japan’s Dolphins and Whales
Reports: Low-Hanging Fruit
Can collecting leftover produce help us re-envision the world?
Reports: ¡Golpe!
Last Summer’s Right-Wing Coup in Honduras Still Threatens Human Rights and the Environment
1,000 Words: Toward the End, Genesis
Sebastião Salgado
Conversation: Annie Leonard
… and The Story of Stuff
Reports: Allah Commands
Traditional Himas are helping protect fragile areas in Muslim nations
In Review: Crude
Directed by Joe Berlinger
First Run Features, 104 minutes
In Review: Nowtopia
by Chris Carlsson
278 pages, AK Press, 2008
In Review: Tree Spiker
by Mike Roselle with Josh Mahan
288 pages, St. Martin’s Press, 2009
In Review: Finding Beauty in a Broken World
by Terry Tempest Williams
432 pages, Pantheon, 2008
Voices: Mountaintop Removal: Senseless Sacrifice



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