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Summer 2016

National Parks: the Next 100 Years
volume 31 no 2
Summer 2016 cover

From the Editor

While putting together this special edition celebrating our national parks, I was reminded of the first time I visited the Grand Canyon with my family. We spent an hour or so soaking in the view of the vast void, then, after a short run through the model Hopi House gift store, we turned around and left.

I would have loved to have walked down one of the canyon trails and spent a night or two sleeping under the stars. But I come from an immigrant culture where our precious vacation days are typically spent …more


An LA Story
In the hills near Hollywood, a lone mountain lion is challenging us to prove that humans and wildlife can coexist.
Finding Time for Our Parks
Americans are visiting more parks but spending less time in them. What does this mean for the future of our wild spaces?
Sacred Lands
The NPS’s efforts to help tribes access sacred sites within national parks is a work in progress.
Feedback: Letters and Emails
Talking Points: Local News from All Over
Digging Deeper: Why Hawking H20 Is Radical
Earth Island Reports: Battle for Burrowing Owls
Urban Bird Foundation
Earth Island Reports: Mining and Salmon Don’t Mix
Alaska Clean Water Advocacy
Where the Wild Things Are
We can no longer think of our cities or towns as exempt from the natural world or as off-limits to wildlife.
Sharing the Lands we Love
It’s hard to watch a once-secret gem become overwhelmed with visitors.
Wild Again
The restoration of lost carnivores and other key wildlife is vital to the health of our landscapes.
1,000 Words: Seeds of Hope
Rika Mouw
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Our Outdoors Heritage
Encontrando Mi Parque
An Ambicultural Journey
Conversation: Accidental Ranger
Betty Reid Soskin
Conversation: Still Unknown, Still Untamed
Jordan Fisher Smith
Reclaiming Wonder
The Making of a National Park
Why locals want Arizona’s Chiricahua National Monument to become the nation’s next national park.
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Room for More
There is no better time to put forward a bold vision of an expanded park system.
A Park that Begs Creating
Afterword: Righteous Work
In Review: One Valley, Many Dreams
Jumbo Wild
by Nick Waggoner
2015, 52 min
In Review: Intentional Curiosity
The Laws Guide to Nature Drawing and Journaling
Written and Illustrated by John Muir Laws
Heyday, 2016, 303 pages
Voices: Building Community through Conservation



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