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Summer 2014

volume 29 no 2
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From the Editor

The ploy was so shameless and obvious that it gave concern-trolling a bad name. In January, US and Canadian accident investigators, in a rare joint statement, warned their governments that an oil-by-rail accident could lead to “major loss of life.” The petroleum industry and its allies were quick to use the warning as an argument for building the Keystone XL pipeline and, in general, for building more oil infrastructure. “Clearly because this project [Keystone XL] has been held up, that is creating more [oil] traffic by rail,” Senator John Hoeven, a North Dakota Republican, …more


Hazardous Cargo: Shipping Highly Flammable Bakken Crude Oil by Rail
Oil trains are crisscrossing the US and Canada with volatile cargo, yet many communities are unrepared for an accident.
It’s a Hardrock Life
In Wisconsin’s picturesque Northwoods, a big battle over iron-ore extraction is pitting environmentalists and Native Americans against mining companies and their political allies.
The Big Dry
A Twenty-First Century Water War Erupts in Texas
1,000 Words: The Folly of Man
Michael Kerbow
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“We came back to Struggle”
Indigenous communities in Honduras are fighting against new mining projects
After the Fire
Gemstone Mountain
In a remote Cambodian province, children as young as seven risk their lives mining for a shiny blue rock
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Conversation: Senator Sheldon Whitehouse
+/-: Shoot to Save?
Is hunting animals a viable conservation strategy?
+/-: Hunters Value Wildlife
+/-: Hunting Is a Setback to Wildlife Conservation
If It’s Brown, Drink It Down
A Postmodern Water Frontier
In Review: Wild Things
Searching for Enchantment on the Frontiers of Rewilding
By George Monbiot
Allen Lane, 2013, 316 pages
In Review: Dining on Weeds
Dandelion Hunter
Foraging the Urban Wilderness
By Rebecca Lerner
Lyons Press, 2013, 215 pages
Voices: A Prayer for Earth



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