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Summer 2009

volume 24 no. 2
Summer 2009 cover

From the Editor

At least since the days of Malthus, people have wondered when the planet will be too full of people. During the last several generations – as the number of humans has grown exponentially and our use of resources has skyrocketed – the question has taken on particular force. This place can feel intolerably crowded, and it seems only reasonable to ask: How many more souls can we possibly fit?

But I think that to wonder in 2009 when Earth will be overpopulated misses the point. It seems obvious to me at least that we …more


Border War
Immigration Is a Political Minefield. Can Environmentalists Have a Reasoned Debate on the Issue?
Hold Steady
If the Population Were to Shrink, What Would That Mean for an Economy Based on Growth?
The Vindication of a Public Scholar
Forty Years After The Population Bomb Ignited Controversy, Paul Ehrlich Continues to Stir Debate
Reports: Sex Sells
A Tiny Nonprofit Uses Mass Media to Encourage Family Planning
Reports: A Population Bomb
Too Many People and Too Few Resources Lead to Bloodshed in the Philippines
1,000 Words: Trash Compactor
Eco-artist Tim Gaudreau
Reports: The Division Over Multiplication
Conversation: Lester Brown
Reports: Last Stand in the Kunuku
One Woman’s Battle to Save Her Island’s Plants and Culture
In Review: Fuel
Directed by Josh Tickell; Josh Tickell Productions
89 minutes
In Review: Going Green
Edited by Laura Pritchett, 209 pages, University of Oklahoma Press, 2009
In Review: Deeply Rooted
by Lisa Hamilton
306 pages, Counterpoint Press, 2009
In Review: More: Population, Nature, and What Women Want
by Robert Engelman
303 pages, Island Press, 2008
Voices: The Kindest Cut



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