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Summer 2007

volume 22 no. 2
Summer 2007 cover

From the Editor

Ten years ago this June, I moved to San Francisco. I came here for a job (OK – an internship) at The San Francisco Bay Guardian, the city’s oldest alternative weekly. It was an exciting opportunity for an aspiring reporter, a chance to practice the craft of journalism, or, as the case may be with the Guardian, advocacy journalism.

Advocacy journalism works just like the reporting you find in your daily newspaper. Reporters go out into the world, gather facts, conduct interviews, uncover tidbits of information, and then return to their desks and …more


Eco Tipping Points
How a vicious cycle can become virtuous
Oil and Water
The Arctic seas face irreversible damage
Building on the Land Ethic in the 21st Century
The loving legacy of Aldo Leopold
World Reports: Stone’s Throw
World Reports: Restoring Salmon Nation
Demolishing dams on the Klamath River
World Reports: What’s Killing Our Pets?
The government is failing to adequately inspect the ingredients in pet food.
World Reports: Si Se Puede
Latino organizations focus on the environment.
In Review: Green Green Water
Emergence Pictures, 2006
In Review: Food Fight: The Citizen’s Guide to a Food and Farm Bill
Voices: What does Green Mean?



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