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Summer 2013

volume 28 no 2
Summer 2013 cover

From the Editor

Paranoia will destroy ya.

I’ll admit that I want to roll my eyes when I hear about the security precautions some environmentalists take in the course of planning a protest. Removing batteries from cellphones to prevent being tracked, using email encryption, or creating codenames for demonstrations strikes me as self-flattery. I mean, greens can’t get a watered down climate bill through the US Senate; it’s not like we pose a threat to the status quo that deserves being spied on. And – more to the point – we’re not doing anything wrong. Environmental activism …more


The Dying Glaciers of California
The Snowcap Is Melting, Threatening the Alpine Ecology and the State’s Water Supply
We’re Being Watched
How Corporations and Law Enforcement Are Spying on Environmentalists
Whale Riders
A small group of volunteers has committed itself to untangling whales that get caught in fishing nets. The work is difficult, dangerous – and doesn’t always go according to plan.
Earth Island Reports: International Marine Mammal Project
Earth Island Reports: Raptors Are The Solution
Rat Poison Could Cause a Silent Spring for Raptors
Open for Business?
As Myanmar transitions to democracy after decades of military rule, its increasingly vocal civil society is scrambling to protect forests and farmland from rapacious development.
Battle in the Clouds
In the Colombian Andes, ecosystems are disappearing faster than scientists can study them.
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1,000 Words: Still Life with Life
Isabella Kirkland
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+/-: What’s a Tree Worth?
+/-: Money Talks – So Let’s Give Nature a Voice
+/-: “Natural Capital” is a Bankrupt Metaphor
Conversation: Van Jones
In Review: Risky Business
Nuclear Roulette: The Truth about the Most Dangerous Energy Source on Earth
By Gar Smith,
Chelsea Green, 2012, 320 pages
In Review: System Failure
The Capitalism Papers: Fatal Flaws of an Obsolete System
By Jerry Mander
Counterpoint, 2012, 250 pages
Voices: Living the Green Life – Behind Bars



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