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Summer 2008

The Transportation Issue
volume 23 no. 2
Summer 2008 cover

From the Editor

America, as even President Bush acknowledges, is addicted to oil. If so, then biofuels are little better than methadone.

Our addiction is dangerous. It is one of the primary sources of the unchecked carbon emissions that are altering the Earth’s atmosphere. It contributes to the pollution of our air and water. It has badly skewed US foreign policy and helps explain why more than 150,000 soldiers are fighting in Iraq. Like junkies, we are oblivious to the damage we inflict on ourselves.

In an attempt to deal with the consequences of our oil addiction, …more


How NYC's Congestion Pricing Plan Crashed
Cruise Control
How a Small Band of Activists Fought Alaska’s Tour Industry – and Won
Get on the Bus
Curitiba, Brazil Rolls Out a Transit Solution
1,000 Words: We Are Traffic
The Spirit of Critical Mass
Reports: The Big Melt
Notes from the Front Lines of Climate Change
Reports: Flying Into Trouble
Where Are Carbon Offsets Taking Us?
Conversation: Katie Alvord
Reports: The Call of the Kiwi
New Zealanders Are Working to Save Their National Symbol
Reports: Fueling the Future?
The Hunt for a Sustainable Biofuel
In Review: Disappearing Destinations
by Kimberly Lisagor and Heather Hansen
Voices: The Travails of the Rails



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