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Spring 2018

volume 33 no 1
Spring 2018 cover

From the Editor

When he landed on the Hadley-Apennine region of the moon in 1971, Apollo 15 astronaut Dave Scott said: “As I stand out here in the wonders of the unknown at Hadley, I sort of realize there’s a fundamental truth to our nature: Man must explore.”

Undeniably, the desire to push beyond the limits of what is known has shaped our human race. Starting from the time our ancestors left Africa, and likely even before that, the spread of civilization has been led by people who were driven to explore what lay beyond the horizon. …more


The Long Run Home
A vanishing tribe, a critically-endangered fish, and the race to pull them back from the brink.
Back Into the Wild
Can a pioneering bonobo rehabilitation project serve as a blueprint for community-driven conservation in Central Africa?
Deep Impact
Mapping the ocean floor could put undersea creatures at risk
Stories: The Way of the Canoe
The age-old watercraft has drawn generations to the wilderness and nurtured their love for it.
Stories: Storm
For the penguins of the Patagonian desert, climate change looks like too much water, too soon.
Conversation: ‘Love Is a Force for Change’
Gina Lopez
In Review: No Easy Fix
The Extinction Market: Wildlife Trafficking and How to Counter It
Vanda Felbab-Brown
Hurst, 2017, 256 pages
In Review: Culture Clash in the Hinterlands
American Wolf: A True Story of Survival and Obsession in the West
By Nate Blakeslee
Crown Publishing Group, 2017, 300 pages
Voices: In Service of Climate Justice



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