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Spring 2015

volume 30 no 1
Spring 2015 cover

From the Editor

The fish, famously, doesn’t know it swims in water. The line could also describe our relationship to fossil fuels. It’s commonly said that our reliance on oil and gas resembles a drug addiction, yet the pathology goes much deeper than that. We’re all but blind to the oil around us. I think you know what I mean: The nonchalance with which we go about our lives, unnoticing the daily amenities afforded to us by the captured energy of a younger sun. Food shipped to our tables by bunker fuel and diesel. The tea kettle …more


L.A. Underground
In the US’ Second Largest City, Oil Infrastructure is a “Normal” Part of the Landscape. Grassroots Activists are Trying to Change That.
Grand Folly
The Grand Canyon is already overrun with tourist infrastructure. Two proposed mega-developments threaten to make the situation worse.
Unconventional Agriculture
Our food systems are changing for the better thanks to a rising crop of women farmers.
1,000 Words: Old Timers
Rachel Sussman
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Stories: Power Play
The oil and gas industry’s political connections and lobbying prowess are well known. Its ties to intelligence and law enforcement agencies have become just as formidable.
Stories: The New Greenspeak
To inspire activism, we need more than managerialism
Conversation: Dr. Sylvia Earle
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In Review: Creatures of Chance
The Meaning of Human Existence
By Edward O. Wilson
W.W. Norton & Co., 2014, 208 pages
In Review: Rose Colored Glasses
The Human Age: The World Shaped by Us
By Diane Ackerman
WW Norton, 2014, 344 pages
Voices: Keeping It Real



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