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Spring 2014

volume 29 no 1
Spring 2014 cover

From the Editor

One afternoon last summer I was hiking in the hills above Berkeley, California with a friend and talking – as it just so happened – about the nature of wildness when my companion stopped and pointed downward. There, fastened to the trunk of a coast live oak at about shin height, was a wildlife camera trap. We bent down to inspect. The motion detector-activated camera had a sticker from the US Fish and Wildlife Service, a sticker from the wildlife group Panthera, and some language about how it was part of a cougar …more


Trouble in Paradise
Hawaiians Push Back Against Big Ag
Cat Fight
Cougars have made a comeback. But conflicts with humans are on the rise, putting their fate in jeopardy.
Home on the Range
On the Alberta Prairie, Ranchers Are Finding Ways to Coexist with the Grizzlies in their Midst
Seed Savior
In India, One Man Is Keeping Alive Hundreds of Varieties of Heirloom Rice
1,000 Words: Portrait of a Landscape
Camille Seaman
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Conversation: Jamie Williams
+/-: Are There Limits to Limits?
+/-: We Can’t Grow On
+/-: What Does It Mean to be Anti-Growth?
Fairway to Heaven
Exploring the abandoned golf courses of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
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In Review: Numbers Game
Our Last, Best Hope for a Future on Earth?
By Alan Weisman
Little Brown, 2013, 513 pages
Take only Photos, Leave only Footprints
Four Wheels Bad, Two Wheels Good
The Killing Fields
Voices: Kick Waste Off Campus



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