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Spring 2013

The Anthropocene
volume 28 no 1
Spring 2013 cover

From the Editor

When Hurricane Sandy walloped New York and New Jersey, most news reports included the disclaimer that routinely accompanies extreme weather. “We can’t attribute this one event to climate change,” the caveat goes. “The storm could have happened without global warming.” Sure, I suppose that mathematically the storm might have occurred absent climate change. But it didn’t. We now live on a planet where almost everything, including the atmosphere, is a human artifact; even our “natural” disasters are man-made.

Welcome to the “Anthropocene.” The word is meant to capture the idea that humans have …more


A special issue exploring the consequences of a new
geologic epoch: the Age of Man.
Radiant Wildlands
The forests near Fukushima and Chernobyl likely have been changed forever.
Return of the Wild
Will humans make way for the greatest conservation experiment in centuries?
Chemically Altered
Synthetic chemicals permeate the environment to such an extent that they have changed the chemistry of our planet.
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Extremely Loud
We have drowned out the natural soundscape
thumbnail of an image from the article
And Incredibly Bright
We have blotted out the night sky
1,000 Words: A One-Trick Shiva
Photographer J. Henry Fair
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A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Planet Earth
City Life
Our urban environs have become ecosystems all their own
Old Fashioned Map App
Living Through the Anthropocene Storm
Beware the Rainmakers
Will Branding Help?
Age of the Sociopath
Running Dry
We are sucking the world’s ancient freshwater stores faster than they can be replenished
Conversation: Alex Steffen
+/-: Hack the Sky?
+/-: We need some Symptomatic Relief
+/-: The New Sorcerer’s Apprentices
Anthropocenic Creation Tale
Anthropocene is the Wrong Word
In Review: End Times
Catastrophism: The Apocalyptic Politics of Collapse and Rebirth
In Review: Wild Kingdom USA
Nature Wars: The Incredible Story of How Wildlife Comebacks Turned Backyards into Battlegrounds
Voices: Eco-Politics 2.0



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