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Spring 2010

volume 25 no. 1
Spring 2010 cover

From the Editor

A funny thing happened on the way to Copenhagen. On the eve of the climate summit, Annie Leonard – the creator of the Internet phenomenon “The Story of Stuff” – threw a stink bomb into the debate over how best to address runaway greenhouse gas emissions. She released a new video called “The Story of Cap and Trade” that tore apart what has become the environmental lobby’s preferred strategy for cutting carbon dioxide. In the video she mocked cap and trade as a “carbon racket” that would lead to another speculative bubble …more


Forward from Copenhagen
The Emissions Emergency Is a Crisis of Justice
To Drill or Not to Drill
A Natural Gas Rush in the Northeast Is Forcing Farmers to Choose Between Income and Land.
Rough Water
The Likely Removal of Four Dams on the Klamath River Will Mark the Largest Dam Decommissioning in History. An Unlikely Alliance of Farmers, Fishermen, Ranchers, and Indians Made It Happen.
Earth Island News: IMMP
Campaign to Save Japan Dolphins Enters Critical Phase
Reports: City of Cast-Offs
1,000 Words: Landscape FX
Kim Keever
+/-: What’s for Dinner?
+/-: Animals Are Essential To Sustainable Food
+/-: There’s No Reason to Eat Animals
Reports: Cash for Trash
Brazil’s Unemployed Catadores Keep Recycling Rates High while Earning Much-Needed Cash.
Conversation: Dr. Jane Goodall
Reports: Silver Bullet or Tiny Terror?
Nanotechnology Promises and Perils…
In Review: Earth Days
Directed by Robert Stone
American Experience, 100 minutes
In Review: Harpoon
by Andrew Darby
300 pages, De Capo Press, 2007
In Review: Heart of Dryness
by James Workman
323 pages, Walker Publishing, 2009
In Review: The Value of Nothing
How to Reshape Market Society and Redefine Democracy
by Raj Patel
250 pages, Picador Press, 2009
Voices: How Our Best Intentions Went Up in Smoke
Project Jatropha



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