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Spring 2008

The Agriculture Issue
volume 23 no. 1
Spring 2008 cover

From the Editor

A funny thing happened on the way to the Farm Bill — ordinary consumers got involved. In the past, a small number of legislators from the soy- and corn-growing states and lobbyists from the corporatist Farm Bureau have overseen the US’s agricultural policy. This time, however, a broad range of citizens fought to have their views included. Organic farmers tried to increase support for more sustainable farming practices. Environmental organizations demanded monies for conservation programs to protect prairies and wetlands. Anti-hunger activists in the cities argued for broadening food security programs, while fair trade …more


Not All Apples Are Created Equal
Scientists Say Organic Foods Are More Nutritious – Are Government Officials Listening?
Neat Freaks
How Food Safety Rules Are Threatening
Environmentally Friendly Farming Practices
“From Heresy to Conventional Wisdom at Blinding Speed”
A History of Earth Island Institute’s 25 Years
Safe Food and Fertilizer
Food Is a Four-Letter Word
1,000 Words: Fields of Plenty
Michael Ableman
Reports: Learning to Observe
The Practice of Natural Agriculture
Conversation: Willow Rosenthal
Reports: Paradise in No Man’s Land
The Korean DMZ Is One of the Most Heavily Fortified Borders in the World — And a Sanctuary for the Peninsula’s Flora and Fauna
Harvest of Suicides
How Global Trade Rules Are Driving Indian Farmers to Despair
Reports: Peak Soil
The Silent Global Crisis
In Review: Appetite for Profit
Voices: 1,000 Bagels a Night
or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love NYC Garbage



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