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Autumn 2013

volume 28 no 3
Autumn 2013 cover

From the Editor

Remember Peak Oil? Before fracking opened up vast amounts of gas and shale oil, before the protests against the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, before BP’s Deepwater Horizon blowout, peak oil was one of environmentalists’ chief concerns. Greens said that, at some point soon, crude oil production would decline, forcing a spike in petroleum prices that would fundamentally alter life as we know it. The prediction was at once a warning and a hope: We had to prepare for an era of oil scarcity, and in those preparations lay the groundwork for a less …more


Something’s Fishy
The Central Pacific Nation of Kiribati Boasts It Has Created One of the Largest No-Fishing Marine Reserves in the World. Unfortunately, It’s Not True.
An Extreme Energy Roadtrip’s Postcard from the Edge
Blowing the Tops off of Mountains, Fracturing Communities, Digging for Tar Sands in the Desert…
Back from the Dead
We’re on the Verge of Being Able to Revive Extinct Species. But Even If We Could, Does that Mean We Should?
Earth Island Reports: New Leaders Initiative
Meet the 2013 Brower Youth Awards Winners
Green Machine
The US Military is the World’s Largest Fuel Guzzler. It’s also Leading the Charge to Break Our Addiction to Oil.
1,000 Words: Hooked on Phonics
Mark Fischer
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Modified Stands
Will genetically engineered trees help save the climate or will they alter forests forever?
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+/-: Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor?
+/-: The Green Economy and a Path to Citizenship
+/-: More Immigration = More Americans = Less Wilderness
Conversation: Naomi Klein
In Review: Take My Advice
Letters to a Young Scientist
By Edward O. Wilson
Liveright, 2013, 256 pages
In Review: Now and Never
The Once and Future World: Finding Wilderness in the Nature We’ve Made
By J.B. MacKinnon
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2013, 240 pages
Voices: A Tale of Two Wolves



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