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Autumn 2009

volume 24 no. 3
Autumn 2009 cover

From the Editor

The media baroness Arianna Huffington, ever a quick wit, has pointed out that Barack Obama’s nice-sounding phrase, the “Audacity of Hope,” has taken on a different spin during his presidency. Originally intended as a slogan of bravery – the courage to be optimistic in dark times – it now appears to signify the idea that hope alone is sufficient to effect social change. Yes, President Obama’s eloquent tenor is inspirational, and I have no doubt he’s well intentioned. But the hopefulness he brought to his office seems more insufficient by the week.

Huffington was …more


Plight of the Bumblebee
Hacking the Sky
Geo-Engineering Could Save the Planet…
And in the Process Sacrifice the World
Rumble in the Jungle
Timber or Tourists? Environmentalists are Fighting Each Other Over How Best to Protect Forests in Guatemala.
Reports: Not a Drop To Drink
The Lerma Santiago River Is One of the Most Contaminated Waterways in Mexico. So Why Do Government Officials Want People to Drink It?
Reports: Cat Fight
The Foreclosure Crisis Has Walloped Florida’s Gulf Coast, But Sprawl Still Threatens the State’s Endangered Panther.
1,000 Words: The Path Well Trodden
Tamalpais Walking
Conversation: Dr. James Hansen
Reports: Bolivia’s Shimmering Gamble
Will a Barren Desert Be the Cradle for the Green Economy?
In Review: Hungry for Change
Food, Inc., Directed by Robert Kenner, Magnolia Pictures, 93 minutes
Fresh, Directed by Ana Sophia Jones, 72 minutes
In Review: Hope for Animals and Their World
by Jane Goodall with Thane Maynard and Gail Hudson
416 pages, Grand Central Publishing, 2009
In Review: Soil Not Oil
by Vandana Shiva
144 pages, South End Press, 2008
In Review: Operation Bite Back
Rod Coronado’s War to Save American Wilderness
by Dean Kuipers
295 pages, Bloomsbury, 2009
Voices: Across the Sea, Too Close to Home



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