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Autumn 2008

The Water Issue
volume 23 no. 3
Autumn 2008 cover

From the Editor

Several months after finishing author Maude Barlow’s fine book Blue Covenant, there’s a line I can’t get out of my head: “Farms, cities, and industries all over the world are … drilling deep into the Earth to pull up ancient aquifer waters for daily use.”

The same could be said for the way we use so many of the planet’s resources. We are relentlessly pushing into the forests to chop down ancient trees to make paper we’ll soon scrap. We are charging into secluded valleys to tear down ancient mountains for coal that will …more


Climate Change Threatens to Dry Up the Southwest’s Future
Pink Water
Plastics, Pesticides, and Pills Are Contaminating Our Drinking Supply
Manufacturing Thirst
The Hidden Water Costs of Our Industrial Economy
Letters to the Editor: Feedback
Around the World: Local News from All Over
Temperature Gauge: Notes from a warming world
Spyhopping: South Africa’s Water Woes Echo Global Problems
Earth Island News: Earth Island Project Reports
Earth Island News: Baikal Watch
Siberia Is Not a (Nuclear) Wasteland
Earth Island News: China Rivers Project
Taking Brower’s Vision to the Grand Canyons of the East
Earth Island News: Brower Youth Awards
Meet Our 2008 Winners
Reports: All Aflutter
The Flap Over the Mail Order Butterfly Industry
1,000 Words: You Don't Miss Your Water Until Your Well Runs Dry
Reports: Return to Cochabamba
Eight Years Later, the Bolivian Water War Continues
Conversation: Tara Lohan
Reports: Trouble in Paradise
The Struggle to Save Belize’s Glover’s Atoll
In Review: Renewal
In Review: Cadillac Desert
Voices: Liquid Confetti



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