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Autumn 2007

The Energy Issue
volume 22 no. 3
Autumn 2007 cover

From the Editor

Each day brings fresh evidence of how humanity’s reckless carbon consumption fuels atmospheric changes. Europe experienced a particularly bizarre summer, as erratic weather simultaneously brought a heat wave to the Balkans and floods to Britain. Climate models predict that in coming decades wet regions will get wetter and dry regions will suffer more droughts. A new study suggests that climate change will even make ocean waves travel faster (see “Temperature Gauge,” page 23).

Yet the US Congress appears unable to adequately address the crisis. To reduce carbon emissions will require sweeping changes in how …more


Money for Nothing
In South America, business has always overshadowed biodiversity.
Harnessing the Wind
The Fission Division
Will Nuclear Power Split the Green Movement?
World Reports: Spyhopping
Toyotas vs. Tortillas
World Reports: Moving Mountains
The Human Costs of Our Coal Economy
In Review: The 11th Hour
In Review: The Carbon Buster’s Home Energy Handbook
Slowing Climate Change and Saving Money
Voices: A Conservative’s Conservation Works
Jim DiPeso
World Reports: Green Revolution?
Venezuela's Socialist Reforms Float on a Sea of Oil
World Reports: Bubbling Waters
Are dams fueling climate change?
Letters to the Editor: Letters
Around The World: Local News from All Over
Earth Island Project Reports
Conversation: John Schaeffer discusses the future of solar energy
Will Nuclear Power Split the Green Movement?
Temperature Gauge: Trouble Brewing
Everyone Has a Story: Aaron Lehmer
Brower Youth Awards
Stone’s Throw
Moving Mountains
The Human Costs of Our Coal Economy



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