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Autumn 2001

volume 16 no. 3
Autumn 2001 cover

From the Editor

San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown would like to get rid of "flitterbugs," those vexatious turboprop commuter planes that account for just a tenth of the flights and two percent of the passengers passing through SF International Airport.

These small planes take up valuable runway space and control tower time. If only Mayor Brown could get people hooked on bigger, less-frequent planes, he could stave off an environmental disaster – expanding the airport into San Francisco Bay.

San Francisco’s problem is all too familiar to managers of the world’s increasingly busy airports. The Southern California …more


I Was Fired for Posting a Map
Bush’s war against information
A ‘Green Airport’? Meet the StarPort
This airport is inclined to reduce pollution
The Nuclear Body Count
Nuclear Power is Neither ‘Cheap’ nor ‘Clean’
The Jetcraft Juggernaut
More Airplanes, More Airports, More Delays and More Pollution
Around the World
Dear Journal
Ebb and Flow
Eco Mole
Making Waves
EII in the News
Positive Notes
Drilling Alaska; Undermining the US
Cancel the ‘Year of Ecotourism’
An Open Letter to UN Secretary Kofi Annan
The Children of Chernobyl
Solutions: 23 Ways to Ease Our Impact on the Earth
Honest Politicians
Green Activism
Goldman Foundation
The Wind that Blows Over Our Ancestors
Nature’s Power, Enron and Native Lands
The Right to Be Heard
Globalization versus the First Amendment
One Victim’s Story
The Global Monoculture
‘Free Trade’ versus Culture and Democracy
‘You’re Dead? We’re Proud!’ US Snuffs Tobacco Treaty
Whaling in the Caribbean
Whales Threatened by Oil
Stop the Nuclear Brushfires
DOE Plans to Burn Radioactive Fields at US Nuclear Sites
‘Mad Pet’ Disease
Mad Cow Disease is Killing Europe’s Pets
Bari and Cherney vs. USA
Burn the Jets; Warm the Planet
Ethical Consumer
Computing Your Tree Debt
ECO-Tourist Journal
Percy Schmeiser vs. Monsanto
A Canadian Farmer Resists Genetic Pollution
Prayer & Witness for the Earth
Stop Mexico’s New Airport
The Global Diet
Monopoly: A First Amendment Right?
Resources for Media Democracy
Watch Out for Whales!
Bluewater Network
The Bakun Dam is Back
Borneo Project News Report
Ethanol: Fueling a Rural Revival



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