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Green Journalism Fund

thumbnail of EIJ cover; a tomato held in handsThe movement to protect and restore our shared environment has always depended on the dissemination of information. From John Muir’s The Mountains of California, to Rachel Carson’s paradigm-shifting Silent Spring, to the debate-changing film An Inconvenient Truth, environmental campaigns have used powerful words and images to engage citizens to defend the Earth.

For 23 years, Earth Island Journal has been a vital part of that education-for-action tradition. Our award-winning exposés of environmental abuses, coupled with inspiring stories of grassroots efforts for change, have prompted countless people to get involved in the movement for ecological sustainability.

As the world’s environmental troubles become more acute, we at Earth Island Journal are expanding our efforts. We have increased the number of news pages by 30 percent, added new departments and sections, deepened our base of global correspondents, raised the pay rates for our contributors, expanded our use of color, and redesigned our magazine and web site to attract new readers and subscribers.

To ensure the success of our efforts, we need your help.

With media consolidation and newspaper retrenchment shrinking the ranks of professional news-gatherers, our unique brand of environmental journalism is more important than ever. By making a donation to the Earth Island Green Journalism Fund you will be supporting our style of inspirational journalism.

Your donation will help pay journalists to undercover environmental concerns before they become pressing problems; fund in-depth coverage of citizens’ efforts for reform; enhance our online tools, such as streaming audio and video; commission professional illustrators to create custom-made images to accompany our news stories and essays; cover some of the costs of our color printing expansion; and bring more attention to youth-driven environmental solutions and success stories.

Earth Island Journal enjoys a proud history of serving both the environmentally committed and the environmentally curious. We look forward to working with you to continue that tradition.


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